"Dan Goeller's music gives wings to Oscar Wilde's enchanting story."

"Without a doubt, this is the best-illustrated version of this tale that I have ever seen. Period."

"The Selfish Giant is a musical, artistic & literary tour de force!"

"Here is a celebration of wonder and love."

"Enjoyable and educational, it provides a window into both this wonderful story and the world of the orchestra for listeners young and old."

"If you’re looking for fairy tale entertainment, then The Selfish Giant is a good place to start."

"While totally appropriate for children, adults who listen along will find themselves in the presence of a born musical storyteller. "

"...this classic fairy tale springs to life in an imaginative picture book adaptation, set to music that will inspire children of all ages for generations."

"This is The Selfish Giant as it has never been seen or heard before, a veritable feast for the eyes and ears of children and adults alike."

Selfish Giant Book

Oscar Wilde's Fairy Tale, The Selfish Giant, Springs to Life

Every afternoon, the children played in the Giant's garden. It was a large, lovely garden filled with beautiful flowers. After many years of being away, the Giant returns home and finds the children playing in his garden. "What are you doing here?" he cried in a very gruff voice. Now, the Giant must decide: Will he share the garden or keep its beauty for himself?

Oscar Wilde's classic fairy tale springs to life in this imaginative adaptation for symphony orchestra and narrator.  Composer Dan Goeller's captivating music captures the humor and poignancy of Wilde's story. For example, one can hear the sweet singing of the birds in the flutes or the sound of the growling Giant in the tuba. Both children and adults will delight in the superb narration of celebrated English actor Martin Jarvis. The symphonic score is perfectly complemented by the illustrations of award-winning artist Chris Beatrice.  His skillful use of light and color adds an enchanting quality to his stunning visual portraits of Wilde's imaginative world. This perfect union of art and music is sure to inspire children of all ages for generations to come.

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